Why do we have fears of many things, but with some things we have no fear at all? 

Like most normal humans, I have my list of fears. I have normal fears and I have ones that are specific to me or a past experience. For example, tornadoes really scare me. Duh! Who isn’t afraid of the fact that a tornado is a giant spiral of wind that comes down from the sky and destroys everything in it’s path? Being fearful of tornadoes, in my opinion, is a “normal” fear. What may not be considered as a “normal” fear is my fear of feet. Yep, that’s right… I fear other people’s feet. They freak me out! For many people, feet would not fall under their list of fears, but for me it does.

Fear is something I have recently been fascinated with and thinking about a lot. Why am I afraid of so many things, but certain things don’t scare me at all? I am afraid to remind the waiter that he forgot my side of ranch, but riding a giant roller coaster doesn’t scare me at all. Fear is also an excuse for why we don’t try certain things.

I am scared of trying new things, so I only eat the same thing at restaurants. 

I am scared of talking to new people, so I am that quiet girl in the corner at parties. 

I am scared of being in a serious relationship, so I don’t get too close to people.

Whatever your fears may be, they are the reason you get on the roller coaster or not.  I know that fear has controlled many of my decisions in life. Fear is the reason I didn’t seek out a different career other than teaching growing up. Fear is the reason I didn’t cliff jump into a river when I went rafting with my family. Fear is the reason I don’t ride bikes. But yet, I’m not afraid to ride roller coasters or live in a different state from my family and friends. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have fear. I just think that I have let silly fears prevent me from being more adventurous. I want to overcome those silly fears. I still think tornadoes are a totally valid fear, so I’m never going to be storm chaser. I fear other people’s feet, so I am never going to work at a shoe store. I don’t need to change who I am just to prove that I am adventurous, but I don’t need to not try something just because I feel scared.

I am scared to publish this blog. I am scared to try to write a book even though it’s something I’ve thought of a majority of my life. I am scared that I won’t find a career that makes me happy. I am scared to have kids because I don’t feel ready. But these are all things I want in life. I want to try blogging, writing a book, finding a good job even if it’s different from teaching, and have kids. So, why do I consider these fears? What is the worst that can happen from me just doing these things? Maybe it’s because I turn 25 at the end of this month, but I just woke up and want to do it. I want to see what happens. So, let’s see what adventures come my way now.

Book Suggestion: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

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