Weird Things Couples Do

“We are all a little weird and, 

Life’s a little weird,

And when we find someone whose

weirdness is compatible with ours, 

We join up with them and fall in

mutual weirdness and call it love.

– Dr. Seuss

Now, I can only speak as a couple in their 20’s who are about to celebrate 2 years of marriage. We don’t have any kids yet, but we have a puppy (believe me it brings weirdness). We have been together for almost 6 years and we know how weird we are together. Couples do weird things that as a single person, you probably don’t do (or maybe you do). I have broken down a list, but believe me there is and will be more. That’s what makes being married so much fun so far. So, enjoy!

1. We behave like children.

I’m not going to deny that we do silly things that we all remember doing as kids. Remember playing tag? Hide-and-go-seek? Jumping out and scaring someone? Tickle fights? Pranks? Yes, I will openly admit that we do this more than adults really should. One time, I hid behind our bed for 20 minutes just to jump out and scare Dakota. And he wasn’t even scared! He jumps out of places and scares me constantly, which involves me falling to the ground or throwing whatever is in my hands at him (I give a way better reaction). Maybe not all couples do this, but we do and it brings a lot of fun to our marriage in a very weird way.

2. Fighting in public.

Couples have a funny way of fighting in public. Typically it’s where you’re in a fight, but you’re trying to make it look like you’re not. This involves a number of things that from a stranger’s point of view might think you’re weird. For one, you attempt to whisper under your breathe and believe that you are some kind of ninja that is going unnoticed. Next, the body language – Most couples walk away together but far from one another. What I mean is that while you are being a “whisper ninja” saying condescending comments to one another, you are walking one behind the other. Usually, the girl is first (because we are always the maddest) and your guy is following behind. You two have mutually decided without communicating it out loud that wherever you are, it is time to leave or at least walk away from your gang to not bring them into the fight. Now, some couples fight and definitely don’t worry about being unnoticed. We are just not that way, so I can’t speak for our more theatrical couples. Not to say we haven’t had 1 or 2 fights like that, but it usually involved some drinking. And those were some hilarious fights that to this day, I don’t even know what made us mad. Funny story – I was so mad one time, I tried finding an Uber home by myself but it was too expensive so I had to walk back to Dakota and retract my threats for going home without him. 😀

3. Car Karaoke.

As a couple, you typically have similarities in your taste of music. The longer you are together with your guy, the funnier riding in the car can be. When you’re at the beginning of your relationship, you either both quietly listen and ask each other what kind of music you like. Then maybe you start to sing songs under your breathe together. Eventually, you turn your car into a full-blown concert featuring an off-key duet of a Bruno Mars song. Couples who have been together for a while and love music have a funny thing when singing songs. You and your man automatically know which parts one another sings. The best, is when there’s a rap song and neither of you actually know all the words so you start making sounds in between to go along with the beat. You just keep singing, laughing with one another and throwing in some dance moves. The best is when your man puts on the song you were just thinking of and realize he is some sort of wizard!

4.  The “What do you want?” Game.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship, I’m sure you will always have this weird tango when discussing food or what to watch. It’s weird because either both of you actually have something in mind, but don’t know if the other will like it, so you don’t say anything at all. Or that neither one of you really know what you want. Food is funny, because it can take up to an hour before you finally make a decision or you end up at a restaurant neither of you really were craving but it’s food so you fill your bellies and forget about it. Finding something to watch is even more comical because there is so much to watch! We have Netflix, HBO, Hulu, cable, and movies. Dakota & I will spend so much time trying to find something to watch before we eventually settle for Friends or something we have already seen.

5. In-depth conversations about tv series.

Dakota & I have watched a lot of tv series together. I introduced him to Friends. He introduced me to The Office. Our current obsession is Game of Thrones. Which he also introduced me to, because I was skeptical. As a couple, when there’s a show that you both love – you end up having deep conversations with each other where it feels like we actually live in Westeros together. The best was when we watched This is Us. We had a long conversation one night where we made connections with the characters into our own lives. It included a lot of “I know!” and “You remind me a lot of so-and-so!”. When you’re just dating, it’s a lot of what you like or don’t like. But it’s when your deep in a relationship that you can have long conversations connecting fake characters into our own lives. Don’t get us started on that How I Met Your Mother season ender… we both took that pretty hard for a while.

6. Dog Parents.

Ever since we got Cooper, we have been big dog parents. We both talk to Cooper in that baby voice we all do, because there’s no other way to speak to a puppy. When we leave the house with Cooper, we do that 5 minute check-list making sure we have everything we need for him (can’t forget his favorite toy for a ride to McDonald’s). I thought I was bad as a dog mom, but Dakota is the biggest dog dad! We both find ourselves talking and attempting a conversation with our 10 month old puppy. He snuggles with us in bed too.


I think we can all agree that we find ourselves weird. Some of us think we are so weird that we don’t know if we will ever find love. Well, let me tell you something – there is another weirdo out there for you! Marriage is way more fun when you enjoy the silly things and act weird now and then. Thank goodness I found someone who understands my deep connection and love for Harry Potter. Dakota wasn’t allowed to date me until he had seen ALL of the Harry Potter movies (he didn’t watch them growing up!!!)

Thank you for reading and just remember, brace the weirdness.



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