Howdy Y’all!

I know it’s been quite a while since my last post. Don’t worry, I’m not hanging y’all out to dry! There has been A LOT going on in my birthday month. So let me give you all a recap on these past few weeks.

First – My very first post talked a lot about understanding God’s plan, struggling to find a job, and the many changes I have made since moving to Colorado. Well, God decided to open the door for me and open my eyes to something truly AMAZING. 

I got a job!

Yes, God answered my prayers and helped me through my troubles by opening the door to a teaching job up in the mountains for the new school year. It’s not just any teaching job, but it’s 5th Grade! The grade I have been loving and hoping for since my student teaching with the awesome Sarah Sinclair (SHOUT OUT).

God is Good!

Even more funny, it is a brand new school opening outside of Glenwood Springs that my husband’s company has been building. I didn’t even know that when I applied!

I couldn’t be more thankful and excited for this new chapter in my life!

Second – If you read my last post, you will remember that Dakota & I have chosen to move up near Aspen for the next 2 years. His wonderful company is providing a great job for Dakota and an opportunity that we will never forget. We have been working tirelessly to finalize the lease for this adorable townhouse in Basalt. It was a LONG process, but we finally closed on our lease this past week thanks to my amazing husband  and our wonderful visitor from Texas.



You guessed it! The one and only Colleen became a mountain girl last week. The mom quote of the week was “I think I’m an Aspen girl” while sipping her Chardonnay on top of a mountain (I had a beer).  Needless to say, we had lots of fun exploring the mountains and my new home for the next couple years.



IMG_3556 fullsizeoutput_6e62

We drove up to the mountains by ourselves in my Corolla, checked out Dakota & I’s new place in Basalt, toured my new school, rode a Gondola to the top of Aspen mountain, changed outfits in a not so empty bathroom, drank Frosé, enjoyed some evening tunes at a local Basalt bar, shopped around Vail, and had many laughs!

I love my mom!!

Third – So in the middle of all of this happiness, we have a very exciting wedding to attend for one of Dakota’s closest friends, Trey (Another SHOUT OUT)! Dakota Tori Moore Wedding 1529_I mean he did catch my garter (more like snatched since he’s so tall) at our wedding almost 2 years ago. We will be traveling to California this week. I am so excited to spend my 25th birthday in Eureka, California, road trip along the Pacific Highway, hear about Trey’s Bachelor party from my husband, venture to the Redwood National Forest, and of course, celebrate Trey getting married!! It will be a nice break before our big move and beginning my new job.

I hope you all enjoyed reading a little slice of my crazy, almost 25 year old life.

Stay tuned for my next blog, Guilty Pleasures.


God Bless and sending prayers to my fellow Texans who are dealing with the hurricane aftermath in Houston. Stay safe!

P.S. That Game of Thrones Finale though!!!!! Unbelievable is the only word Luis (Man, I’m giving lots of shout outs)!


xoxo, Tori


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