Guilty Pleasures

“What’s my guilty pleasure? The thing is, I never feel guilty about my pleasures.” – Tom Hiddleston 

We all have certain things we love to do, but don’t ever talk about. We don’t tell many people about and we definitely don’t dare to show it! To some, your guilty pleasures are just normal activities or things they enjoy in their every day life. To you, it’s your secret. The things you enjoy by yourself or with someone you really, really trust. They are your guilty pleasures.

I wouldn’t ever dare to include that Harry Potter is one of them, because I tell everybody my love for those books and movies. I’m never afraid to read a HP book in public! I’ll come clean and break mine down in a list:

1) Singing Competition Shows

I have loved singing competition shows for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I’m a singer or even an aspiring one (though I wanted to audition for American Idol when I was younger). There’s something about hearing someone sing who can REALLY sing. I even enjoyed going to watch choir concerts and especially show choir when I was in school! Maybe it’s also because I wish I could be this amazing singer that has this wonderful, heart wrenching story so I can be on American Idol or The Voice. I even get emotional on these shows when there’s a sad story or when a nervous singer hits that big note!! I find myself clapping at the end of songs and saying things like, “Omg wow!” or “I knew they could do it!” – Again, I can’t explain why I’m SO obsessed. And I know that this wasn’t a live singing competition show, but I will openly admit that I was a GLEEK. When Glee started, I was all about it! I’ve even rewatched the season! Again, I can’t explain. Have any of you heard of that new show that came on this summer called Boy Band?? Yep, you guessed it! I watched that too. And I don’t know if it’s appropriate to admit that I got emotional watching a bunch of 15-19 year old boys pursue their dreams. My favorite was the cute rapper! 🙂

So yeah….that’s just the first. You’re probably wondering what you got yourself into, but here’s the next one.

2) The Bachelor

I don’t think this is any secret, but it’s a real guilty pleasure (addiction??) – I have watched this dumb dating show for as long as I can remember with my mom. When I was younger I enjoyed it for the LOVE. To me, I thought that was like really, true blue, romantic LOVE. I was like, “when you fall in love, you ride helicopters and you have serious conversations on every date!” And that was like really exciting to me. Ha ha! Now that I’m older, I watch it for what it is. It’s my trash tv! Everyone has some sort of trash tv that falls under their guilty pleasure list and The Bachelor (and Bachelor in Paradise) is on mine. Though, this time of my life may be over due to their choice for the next Bachelor….I mean who the heck is Arie?!?!

3) Musicals

Okay, before you judge me (I know you already are)….it really shouldn’t come as a shock that musicals falls under this list seeing what my first one was. I used to hate everything about musicals growing up. Mainly, because I didn’t understand them and the dramatics of it was a little much. But ever since I went and saw “Wicked” on broadway in NYC, I’ve had a special place for them. Mainly I act on my love for musicals in my car. I own every CD from High School Musical. I now have my own Spotify playlist with my favorite musical songs. My top 2 hits are “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent and “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. No, I’m not a musical junkie so my faves are the basic ones. My car is my own broadway show and I belt out these 2 songs and have even made up my own dance moves (dramatic and very broadway) that goes along with them.

4) Eminem

On an entirely different side of my guilty pleasures, is my weird talent for rapping Eminem. Again, my safe haven for most of these guilty pleasure is my car. I love his classics and newer stuff. I give this one out to my dad. Though he probably wasn’t supposed to, he would play Eminem in the car sometimes and I loved his way of rapping it. Ha ha! I just love how angry Eminem is all the time and I guess the dark, hormonal teenager still inside me just really relates to his raps. I barely really rap his songs in front of my husband, but in the privacy of my stage…I mean car, it is on.

I’m sure there are some more, but I think I’ve admitted to enough guilty pleasures as it is. 🙂 The thing is, each one of us has a side or some part of us that we don’t really share a lot. If at all. Some people may argue to let loose a little! Be different sometime! Find people you trust to see those sides of you! And there’s nothing wrong with that. We should challenge ourselves on all these things. But isn’t there something about your guilty pleasures that makes it kinda fun to not share with everyone? It’s like these small things that are just yours or maybe you share with one particular person. I embrace my weirdness every day. I don’t care that watching The Bachelor is a waste of time to some people. Who doesn’t love to spend 2 hours (sometimes 3) on Monday nights watching crappy tv and not thinking about all your obligations? Especially as an adult! Basically watching The Bachelor or some singing competition show is like my Saturday morning cartoon watching days. So, I guess in a nutshell – these might not even be GUILTY pleasures. They’re things I love to do that may not really match my every day personality. And you know what? I really like it!

Think about some of your guilty pleasures. What are they? Would anyone even guess what falls under your list?

Embrace your weirdness. Find things that some may call “time wasters” and just do it. Go waste some time and brain cells! We deserve it! Enjoy your guilty pleasures, it’s what makes you YOU!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and stay tuned for more blogs to come. Life has been crazy. Crazy awesome! Dakota & I are loving the mountains and are in awe with the beauty God has blessed us with. Last night we walked outside our front door and could see tons of stars and even the Milky Way! My new job teaching 5th Grade has been so eye opening! I was ready to give up on teaching last year and let me tell you…God opened my eyes and touched my heart. I am in love with this new school. I love my colleagues. And even more, I LOVE my 5th Grade class. They are going to make this year so much fun. I definitely feel like this isn’t where I’m meant to be. I don’t think I can go any younger as a teacher. I have wanted to be a 5th Grade teacher since I was in 5th Grade and I already know that this is where I’m meant to be. I couldn’t be happier or more greatful! Our classroom even just got an entire classroom library of 5th Grade books that my kids are going to freak out about tomorrow!!! We have “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Diary of Wimpy Kid”!!!


Thanks for Reading. Feel free to comment with some positive things (or bright spots as us teachers in the mountains call it). I’d love to hear about the amazing things happening in your life!




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