25 Things (Part 2)

2018 is getting closer. Being back in my hometown in Texas spending the holidays with my family has given me more time to reflect on this past year. I turned 25.  I moved from the city to a small mountain town near Aspen. I was blessed with a full-time job teaching 5th Grade. I chose to open some doors and close some that needed to be shut. For me 2017 was so important because of the many things I learned… So, here is part 2 of the 25 things I’ve learned in 2017:

11. I am nervous to have kids – This has been on my mind a lot this year. Turning 25 has made me rethink My parent plan.  I used to say I wanted my first baby by 25. I wanted to be like my parents. Young parents with 2 kids close in age. The fact is that once I have my first kid, I don’t want to wait too long to have a second. So, basically when I decide I’m ready for kids, I am saying I’m ready for 2. This makes me nervous because I’m still at the beginning of my career. My husband and I are committed to be in the mountains for the next year. What if I find out I can’t have kids?  I still have a puppy who is just over a year old. I don’t live in Texas where my parents and brother live. I know that there will always be reasons not to do something… but I guess I want to feel a little more stable. So, who knows what 2018 will bring? but I’m planning the premiere for some little Moore’s in 2019.

12. I don’t have to be the best – One thing about me that people who know me well know – is that I am a perfectionist. I like to be the best! In teaching, I want to have the best classroom, the best behaved kids and I want my students to do their best. At home, I want to be the best wife and married couple. Like that perfect couple that you “love to hate” on Instagram.  I want to have dinner ready when my man gets home. I spend time planning the best dates. I try to embrace each and every day the best way Possible. I know it’s unrealistic and setting myself up for NOT so perfect – but my goal has always been to be the BEST.  So yes, I know that we don’t have to be the best at everything. In fact, it’s exhausting to try to keep up and I really don’t care about social media enough to spend the time to instagram my “perfect” life. So my advice to everyone (myself mostly) is just live your life and be the best YOU! Let’s not waste another minute trying to prove to everyone else how perfect we are… just enjoy our perfectly imperfect life. I really think I am the BEST at that. Ha Ha *wink wink

13. My body won’t ever be perfect – I think that’s an all too common thought in most girls minds these days.  Social media is full of healthy foods we should be eating, weight goals we must meet and how to get that athletic body. I am realizing already in my 20’s how hard this is… it’s hard to balance work, working out and making healthy meals with work, running errands and grabbing dinner and cocktails with friends.  This routine does not easily = skinny. It’s hard! Working out is now a job and one that I really really want… but right now, I haven’t even made it to the interview. So, I’m not quite ready for this blog to turn into a “Tips for a Healthy Body and Life”…. sorry girls! Can I interest you in the top 5 places to eat in Colorado?

14. I like being in a Rut – It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine. Waking up at the same time, eating the same breakfast everyday to go to the same job, talking to the same people on your “usual” route to and from work. I definitely prefer a daily routine, but it can get boring.  I don’t like boring! Who does? In 2017 I’ve realized that I can easily get too set in my daily routines. Some people may consider that a rut… I’m not sure it is a rut – but either way too much of the same is too much for me and I need to change it up. Being a teacher my day is always pre-planned and the plan has been in place for weeks. Every minute/every hour is scheduled. There should not be any surprises. Always stick to the plan. So it is easy for me to let this type of mindset carry over into my personal life and I get myself into a rut. So Im learning I need to change things up more often. Even if my new “routine” consists of me staying in my sweats all day and reading  a book every Saturday. (that is NOT a rut!!) Anyway not all routines are a rut, but I do recommend changing your daily routine a little bit every once in a while. Let me know how it goes for you and send me some of your favorite ruts – I may add them to my routine.

15. It’s time to travel – I know there is the saying “it’s never too late” but for me… now is the time! I want to travel and mostly I want to go to Ireland. I feel like I have a small window to explore and travel before committing to buying a house and raising a family aka “real adult responsibilities” so this is the year! I am planning a trip with my mom somewhere in the U.S. **top choices right now are Nashville, Charleston or St Pete’s beach Florida** for my spring break (that will be a fun blog… stay tuned!! Lol)   We have a Cabo trip lined up for June which will be a great way to start my summer and I can’t wait.  Please send me suggestions for a fun girls trip w/ my mom and If you have any tips, places to see and or stay in Ireland… thank you.

Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for some changes to my blog coming in 2018.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s! Cheers to 2018!




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