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Waking up to an 8:00 am alarm on a Saturday morning. I roll over to find my fluffy puppy squished in between me and my husband. No wonder I slept so well last night! I take a moment of gratitude toward my little family. It’s February and we have officially lived up in the mountains for 6 months. A place with constant adventure. Winter usually has us (me) sleeping in past 11 am and then deciding what the evening plans will be. However, now being in the mountains… life has changed a little and we like to take advantage of the many options of adventure available to us. Lately Saturday mornings have been all about skiing. In my last post, I brought up how my happy place is on the top of a mountain. However, this week is going to be about the little adventures you can have in Aspen, Colorado and even in Utah. Life is an adventure and you have to take a trip every once in a while (even if it’s in your own backyard).

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Have you heard of a little place called Aspen? The majestic mountain town where billionaires and celebrities reside. A little town that when it snows, it looks like you are literally in a snow globe. Shall I get my ice skates on? Aspen is it’s own little world. You will either see fabulously, rich ladies dripping in fur and diamonds or you will see young, mountain guys and girls stomping around in their snow boots. Beware of bikers in the summer and on a nice, warm winter day because there are “Lance Armstrong’s” everywhere! Aspen is the place to grab a beer and slice of pizza after a morning of hitting the slopes. On the other end, it is easily a place where you can throw down $500 on cocktails at one bar (hasn’t happened to me yet).  The thing about Aspen is that you are what you make it. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Is it a challenge to find cheaper places for a drink and a meal? Absolutely! However, everyone deserves to enjoy an evening where you share a nice meal and some delicious cocktails. Have you ever enjoyed a glass of Veuve at the base of a mountain? Aspen has the place! AJAX Tavern is it’s own party in the afternoon. Watch out for the rich, CEO’s ordering bottles and spraying Veuve on all their friends, because it will happen at AJAX. Music is bumping and the bottles are popping! *Cheers

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Now, for my new favorite place – Bodega’s!  Though it’s not the place I can afford on a daily basis, it’s worth a visit in Aspen. The exterior looks as if you are by the beach, but inside is a quaint, upscale take to eating seafood and even drinking a marg! Do not leave without ordering the calamari and shrimp! It is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Two margaritas and some tasty seafood is not a shabby way to start your evening out. Image may contain: 2 people, including Nicolette Lind, people smiling, sky and outdoor

Margs! Margs! And more Margs please! I cannot go a day of skiing without hitting my favorite spot for a bowl of queso and at least 2 strawberry margaritas. *Don’t worry! I typically don’t ski after a third 😉 For a Texas girl, Venga Venga really hits the spot. On a blue-bird day in Snowmass, I take a spot on the patio by the fire pit. Not only is it a beautiful view of the mountains, it’s the prime place for some people-watching! Watching skiiers eat it and snowboarders wipe out is probably one of my favorite past-times. (Does that make me a bad person? Ha ha!) Don’t get me wrong, I love to ski! I’m just more of a relaxed, ski for a few hours, enjoy a margarita than take a nap – kind of skier. I keep telling you all to come visit me. I make a ski day into a VACAY. Just ask my parents. Snowmass is my favorite spot to ski. It’s a big enough mountain that I have my space. There’s plenty of choices for greens and blues. When I’m ready for the blacks, I have a whole other mountain to explore! I also need my queso and margaritas, so Venga Venga is an absolute must for me.

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Time to take a trip outside of my backyard to a little place called Moab, Utah. I had never been, but apparently it’s a popular place among mountain folk. Though it’s probably better to visit in the warmer seasons, Moab is a place like no other. You’re driving through a desert, yet you see mountains around you that are covered in snow. It’s surreal. My husband loves to show me new places. I’ve gotten to know Rapid City, South Dakota pretty well because of him. We’ve traveled to New Mexico. Driven up the Pacific Coast Highway through northern California and even found a hidden gem like Seaside Beach on my birthday. Though our adventure in Moab was short-lived, I got to experience one of the coolest spots in the country. Delicate Arch! I was geared up for a 6 mile trek chasing the sunset in the desert up a giant rock. In reality, it was a 3-mile round trip hike up to Delicate Arch and back. Groups of people were everywhere – families, young kids, and couples mastering the art of hiking and holding hands (Dakota & I are masters!)

The hike up was as if I was in some Star Wars film or an old western film. Shuffling through the sand in my hiking shoes while stopping in awe at different rocks shaped and standing in very unique ways. The top of the hike is where Delicate Arch stands and it’s pretty intense. You’re in this bowl that appears like a natural auditorium. Fellow hikers sit around the bowl gazing at this odd rock feature. The best quote of the trip was when I said, “Oh! I didn’t know we were seeing THIS arch!” The Delicate Arch is the famous arch you see on Utah’s license plates and postcards. I had no idea! It’s one of the little adventures that I will never forget. Doesn’t hurt to have a cute husband who’s pretty damn good with a camera.

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Life is about these little adventures. It doesn’t matter where you go, but who you’re with. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your own backyard or takes a 3 hour drive to get there, live it up! Take those little trips, because believe me… we all need it. Jobs, relationships, and money take up so much space. It’s inevitable! So, why not throw some clothes in a backpack, pack the camera, and load the truck up to go on a little adventure. Life is what you make it right? So why not make it fun?!



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