How To Live Adventurously

“Life is an adventure,

Who cares what it looks like”

For many, high school was their highlight or the “Golden Years”. For many more, college was their life. Believe me, I loved college! If I knew how the real world went, I would have been a “Super Senior” too! Ha ha

However, I am starting to realize that I don’t need to think like that anymore. It’s tough in the real world to remember that we are still young. This is my adventure and it will only come once. I want to live it the way I want to, but life is also about jobs, bills, loans, interruptions, and loss. When you are out of school and in the real world, you go weeks where all you do is wake-up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and sleep. We watch more Netflix and movies because we like seeing a different world than our own (or is that just me?) Not that we aren’t enjoying our world – but it’s nice to take your mind off your job, bills, and problems. We live in a world where we focus on our problems. We stress about our jobs. We have to pay bills, so all our hard-earned money has to go towards that before we get to enjoy some of it. It’s tough to follow the advice people like to give:

“Follow your dreams”

“Take a vacation”

“Stop stressing” 

I think if we all could follow these awesome motto’s, we most definitely would. But I think the big burning question we all have is –

How can I live the life I want? 

No, I don’t have the all the answers. I may not even have the answer you’re looking for or want to hear. I am only 25 and I know about as much of this world as the next person.

Here is what I do know:

  1. You have to find a way to be happy with the person you are. There is only one you and YOU are awesome. It something you learn quicker as you get older.
  2. This is your life and no one else’s. Do not spend a majority of your life doing what someone told you to do. You always have a choice to do what you want (sometimes you just have to look hard enough to find the open road).
  3. Everyone has to pay bills and loans. We are all in debt! We can either keep digging ourselves into a big debt hole OR you can work hard to climb out of it. There are so many resources to use that can help with this and the best thing is – they are provided by someone just like you! (Stay tuned for next week’s blog when I start one of my summer challenges)
  4. The past is over, man! This is probably one of my biggest challenges because I have always looked to the past more than my future. Things and people stick with me and they stick hard! I am learning to live out my adventure and not look back. Do you think the most successful people on this planet sit around crying over something that happened 5 years ago? No! They are already planning the next new iPhone or their next BIG adventure.
  5. Life is an adventure, so who cares what it looks like. Just because someone else’s version of adventure is quitting their job and backpacking through Europe, doesn’t mean that is your adventure. An adventure doesn’t have to mean voyage or a vacation. You define your adventure and what it looks like. For some, it means living the single life through your 30’s. For some, it means having lots of babies. For some, it means “taking the road less traveled”. This is your life, your adventure! It does not matter what it looks like. It only matters if you can answer this question:

Are you happy with your adventure?

On a side note…

Image result for quotes about vacation

Be ready for the next couple of weeks for my summer challenges, budgeting plan, and gearing up for a week in Cabo to start off my SUMMER VACAY!

As always, thanks for reading! More posts to come in the Summer!! The end of the year for teachers is survival mode. 5 weeks left!






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