5 Reasons To Visit Los Cabos


Since I am just such the “world traveler” now, I thought I’d share about my remarkable vacation to Los Cabos this past week! Let’s just say that this “mountain girl” needed some sand in her toes and a margarita in her hand. I packed away my classroom for the summer, hopped in my car, and began the journey to Los Cabos on Friday, June 8th. This was a much need vacay and included meeting up with my parents from Texas!! Didn’t take but 5 minutes after picking up our bags at the airport to already be sipping a cold, refreshing margarita. Los Cabos is the perfect place to getaway or bring your family along for some fun-in-the-sun!.

Beware: my 5 reasons include places that will make you want to jump on a plane and fly straight to Mexico!

Don’t get me wrong there are about a hundred reasons to visit Los Cabos in June, but here are the 5 places that stuck out to me the most. I’ve ranked them from #5 to #1.

#5 – Cachet Beach Club’s Mixology Bar


This cute, beach-side bar sits right at the edge of Cabo San Lucas and is part of the Cachet Beach Club Hotel. While waiting for a wonderful dinner (#2 on the list), my family and I enjoyed a few cervezas margaritas on the beach. Due to “Hurricane Bud”, there were cloudy skies, high waters, and big waves! However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience. This is not only a great place to grab pre-dinner cocktails, but a great photo opportunity! The sunset hues and ocean bay give it the “island feel”, we all kind of look for in a beach vacation. We want to “getaway” without feeling totally stranded. FYI it sits right next to a place called “The Office”, which I hear is literally a beach bar (sand is everywhere!!) – due to “Hurricane Bud” we were unable to go there.

However, please make Cachet Beach Club’s Mixology Bar a GO- TO on your next visit to Los Cabos. It certainly has a nice “twinkle” to it at night.

#4 – Casa Don Rodrigo


Not gonna lie, this was probably one of the best margaritas we had drank on our vacation. The Casa Don Rodrigo is a cute, family owned restaurant that sits right on Calle Blvd in San Jose del Cabo. My family & I were walking the streets of San Jose trying to spy out one of my mom’s favorite shopping areas. We found out about this restaurant the moment we jumped out of our cab and a man yelled about how Casa Don Rodrigo has margaritas with fresh-squeezed limes. Of course, we were already interested after hearing “margaritas”! So, we scoped the place out, sat down at the bar, and had our very own VIP experience. It included testing out a variety of margaritas with different tequilas and getting serenaded by a precious, older gentlemen with his guitar (“Iguana, Iguana!” – sorry, inside joke). 🙂

Again, due to “Hurricane Bud” the usual crowd of customers weren’t packed inside so their restaurant was closed. However, the restaurant was gorgeous! It looked straight out of a rain-forest but still captured the “Heart of Mexico”. If you visit and actually get to eat there, please let me know how the food is!

#3 – La Cevicheria


I have added this beach-side “shack” to the list due to the fact that La Cevicheria never disappointed. This was our go-to food spot in our resort at the Hotel Fiesta Americana. Their guacamole is unbelievably fresh and the shrimp tacos melt in your mouth. Seriously, I do not normally eat guacamole and I devoured theirs’ at least once a day. My husband tells me that he LOVED their pico de gallo and I could definitely tell. Our plates were always wiped clean. Of course, it’s also a great spot to drink a margarita! Although, the red and white drink you see in the picture is a “Miami Vice” (pina colada with strawberry). Delicious!

La Cevicheria was a nice place to refuel and refresh during our pool days. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, I’m positive you’d be able to come and check it out!

#2 – Edith’s 


(Photo isn’t of Edith’s but the beach is right outside the restaurant)

Whether you are  looking a fun place to share a table with friends. Or a cozy, spacious restaurant for your family. Or even a romantic night under the twinkling lights and stars. Then, Edith’s is the right spot for you. You will need to make a reservation and be on the waiting list, but once you’re in – YOU ARE IN. With the dim lighting, hanging lights and lanterns, and beautiful displays of flowers, Edith’s has a cozy, yet romantic feel to it. Even though the place is crowed, you feel like your table is the only one seated. The waitstaff are incredible and will have your mouths watering the moment you sit down. They will show you their fresh meat and fish specials on a platter and suggest that you drink one of their martinis – which they are actually known for. I ate way too much and enjoyed every last drop of my two grapefruit martinis. *You have to order their “Flaming Mexican Coffee” to end your night. I won’t ruin the experience for you by trying to explain it, just do it. You will enjoy the jaw-dropping experience and of course, the delicious coffee.

#1 – Javier’s at Cabo Azul


We found this restaurant by accident in San Jose del Cabo one night. It was the night my wonderful mom made reservations for a “hot spot” in Cabo called Flora Farms. Apparently, Flora Farms takes reservations on a Monday, however they are not actually opened on Mondays… imagine our disappointment! :/

My family & I love Javier’s the restaurant in Dallas, Texas so the name caught my eye and I told them we should check it out. Okay… I had no idea how BEAUTIFUL this place would be. It is attached to the Hotel Cabo Azul which literally looks like a place movie stars would stay at in Los Cabos. I will be honest, this is a “$$$ restaurant” but if you’re looking for an upgrade on Mexican cuisine and willing to throw down some cash then you must go. ~Let’s just say Javier’s was an early birthday celebration for my mom. It definitely made up for the Flora Farms mishap. ~ My only advice is to definitely split a meal! The portions are HUGE and very filling. The margaritas were like “ecstasy” while gazing out at a beautiful view of the sunset by the beach. To end the “birthday celebration” we enjoyed a wonderfully moist, mouth-watering tres leches. Incredible!

The entire Javier’s at Cabo Azul experience put me on Cloud 9 in Mexico which is why I’m putting it as #1. Be prepared to leave with a full belly and (hopefully) a nice buzz from your multiple margaritas. 😉



As always, life is about the adventure. It doesn’t take fancy restaurants or extravagant vacations to live adventurously but… it definitely doesn’t hurt. I am already working on my own “Summer Bucket List” and I already knocked one out – To Treat Myself. My adventure is where I choose to go and with whoever will go with me for the ride.

Live for the Adventure – Love who you’re With – Laugh all the Time! 




Photo Cred: Dakota Moore

P.S. If you click the names of each restaurant, the link will take you directly to a website or a yelp review

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