Focus on the Positive

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Let’s make this short and simple.

It’s time to focus on the positive. 

I don’t know about you all, but it is already October and my gas light has been “flashing almost empty” for a few weeks. Yes, a majority of this is due to the fact that I am a teacher. God bless us all! But doesn’t it seem like the world feels a little greyer at the end of September? Summer has come and gone. Now comes the colder weather.

So… what do we do? We have to focus on the positive. For the young, you have homecomings, dances, and Friday night football games. For us in our twenties, we have…the small things. Like pumpkin spice lattes are back! It’s boots and sweaters season! We focus on the fact that we can wear leggings every. single. day. Football season is roaring with touchdowns and interceptions. Fantasy Football is in full swing.

We have a lot of the small things to focus on. Work is work and it is kicking our butts. And for people who aren’t that big into Halloween (ahem…me) – this time of the year feels a little…grey. When we were younger, the fall was usually pretty busy with sports, talent shows, dances, Halloween parties, etc. As I’m getting older, it’s usually just football and This is Us for me (not that there is anything wrong with that).

With the work I do every day, I really cannot hold onto the negative. If I held onto the negative tightly, I would’ve quit my job long ago. Teaching is no joke! I have to remind myself of the positives in my job. I have to remind myself why I do what I do…because it’s hard. Yeah, I said it. I will openly admit that being a teacher is not all sunshine and rainbows. I live in a world (Monday through Friday) where I come last in my day. I hold my bladder for hours at a time. I have to eat at scheduled times. I can’t just leave and take a break when I need one. I have a classroom full of souls that I am responsible for. It is a tough place to stay positive. I am constantly having to remind myself to breathe and focus on the positive. Like…

  • The kids – I get to work with kids and let me tell you… kids are hilarious! They are still dreamers, lovers, creators, and wonder-ers.
  • Co-workers – They know exactly what you are going through and help you along the way (if you’re lucky). They are the people you can vent to without any judgment.
  • The breaks – I’m not going to lie… it is pretty awesome to be an adult and still have fall, winter, and summer breaks. Believe me though…we need them!

There are so many things in life to stay positive about, but it gets tougher as you get older. We are realists. We are workers. We are parents. We are (supposed to be) responsible? We didn’t have to worry about most of this stuff as kids! As an adult, I sometime find myself making myself see the positive rather than just being positive. Let’s be honest, it can be tough sometimes.

The world can be really dark and it takes longer for adults to find the light. 

The funny thing is…when I take the time to breathe and think about my life…

I am truly happy!

I literally live in a valley surrounded by mountains. A river literally streams through my backyard. The leaves are literally changing all around me. I actually get to see a Fall now. Back in Texas, I pretty much forced the feel of autumn with how I dressed and drinking pumpkin spice lattes in 90 degree weather in October. I was truly blessed with the family that I have. My parents and brother, though they miss me, support me in my Colorado adventure. My in-laws are some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. And my husband is by my side, loving me through it all. Ha! See! I can focus on the BIG POSITIVE THINGS in my life too. It takes a moment to breathe or a moment of peace to see it.

 Everyone has the ability to focus on the positive, you just have to shine your flashlight on it every once in a while. 

P.S. speaking of the positive… my life dream has finally come true. I get to be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a Taylor Swift concert next weekend. Even better, it gets to be back in my hometown and with my Mama!


As always,

Tori – xoxo

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