Are You Ready For It?


~ “She’s such a great writer.” ~ “I love that you’re into the blogging world now.” ~
The funny thing is… I started a blog on a whim. I wanted to try something new and different. I wanted to have more of a voice in my life. To be honest, I missed writing.
My parents had been holding onto some important boxes of mine since I officially moved out and got married. You see – I was a keeper of memories. I have photo albums, scrapbooks, DVD’s of my “infamous” choir performances, and of course…diaries. Lots and lots of diaries. I had written in a diary since the moment my 4th grade teacher told me that I was a good writer and to always keep it up. I kept that promise through the awkward and dramatic times of middle school. And all the way through the trials of high school (I’ve always been a bit dramatic, so these diaries are absolutely hilarious).
So why did I stop writing?
To be honest – I am not entirely sure. I think when I started college, I told myself to stop hiding in my books and behind my journals and LIVE. You see, I treated my high school years like an overdramatized movie of the turmoils of being a teenager. I was “in love” or I was “heart broken” over boys. I had a friends who were always changing in front of my eyes. The deeper into high school we got, the further apart we seemed.  You see? Dramatic.
I chose an entirely new chapter for me. I went to a college that I only knew of one other person going to. I got a job at the on campus gym (promised daddy). I moved into the “social dorm” because I knew I needed to branch out. Thank goodness I did ~ I would have never met my very social husband ;).
I wanted college to feel different. I wanted to step away from reading and writing in my “over-dramatic” world and pay more attention to the world around me. It was worth it.
But now that I am 26 and have been out of college for almost 4 years now ~ I want to focus more on my writing and be balanced in the way I live.
I literally live in the mountains. So, it’s not too difficult to step outside and live the life I’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy the fresh air, ski, kiss my husband, and be happy. It’s freeing to not be that dramatic girl anymore, but be a woman. Sounds silly, I know. But I’m embracing this feeling. I am a loving and supportive wife. I am an exhausted but happy teacher. I am a mountain girl who loves to ski. I am getting back to writing and feeling free with my words again.
So, bring it 2019 – because I am ready for you. It’s time to LIVE, but also WRITE.
What’s your goal for the new year?
What lights your fire?
As always,

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