How to Handle Your Mid-20’s


For those who are above the age of 24, have you noticed a BIG change? Do you find that the ridiculous things you used to do (and eat) aren’t the same now?

I do!
I feel like the day I turned 25, I was in denial and still tried to live like a 20 year old. I still drank shots!? I would eat McDonald’s or a Starbucks as a regular. A 2 mile run was kind of tough, but I could make myself do it. Denial.
Now, the day I turned 26… the world for me totally changed. That daily Starbucks and weekly visits to McDonald’s started to really show. Jeans are getting too tight and uncomfortable. I feel gross after eating fast food. I do not even dare to drink shots…ever.
Living a healthier life actually takes a lot of work in your mid-20’s.
Calorie counting is a real thing. Pinning workouts for your butt is very much real. You need a solid daily skin and hair routine. Your mid-20’s can feel like another full-time job.
So, what do we do now? Here are 3 things I am working on:
  1. Choosing healthy foods. No more late night snacking and weekly runs to McDonald’s. I eat a majority of my meals in the daytime and save the snacking between lunch and dinner. I am becoming a regular at Whole Foods and eating more fruit, veggies, and salmon than ever.
  2. Going to the gym. I have joined Anytime Fitness up in Glenwood Springs and it has everything I need. Treadmills for my cardio, lots of space for an workouts, and their online app provides me with daily workouts and weekly goals.
  3. Drinking way less. Don’t get me wrong, I love an old-fashioned when I can get my hands on one. But now, I drink 1 or 2 drinks and call it a night, Water is my true BFF! I’ll take “shots” when I want to pretend to be 21 again (so call me up in your birthday).
What do you do now that you’re in your infamous mid-20’s?
Any better tips?
Thanks for reading!
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3 thoughts on “How to Handle Your Mid-20’s

  1. Nicolette Lind says:

    So true! Mid-20’s is basically the shift from “treat yourself” to “take care of yourself”. And for me, taking care of myself means being able to say no to some social activities, go to bed earlier, choose salad over pizza or go for a run instead of sitting at a bar. Having one glass of wine instead of 3 whiskey cokes. Just learning how to parent myself into a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle. We got this!


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