3 Things to Love About Mountain Living

Whether I’m on top of a 14,000 foot mountain with my skis or walking my puppy through a snowy wonderland, I am pretty lucky to be a mountain girl.
The mountains aren’t just a place for the rich and famous to sneak away or for the people who live in their cars or tents. It is a place for the adventurous, lover of outdoors, the simple folk, and the happy.
It’s not only the perfect getaway, but a place many of us are calling home. Foodies will love the cute cafes or the over-the-top restaurants sitting on a mountain. Camping, rafting, and fishing are a must in the summers. But the best and most magical time… the winter.
Being from Texas, the snow I get to see fall from the sky is AMAZING. I can’t ever get over it. Skiing is a weekly hobby and walks through the snow are daily.
So what do I love the most about mountain living?
  1. The Skiing – there is nothing like stepping into your skis, strapping on your helmet, and pulling down your goggles before leaping off a ski lift and drifting down a smooth, snowy slope. It makes me smile just writing about it. Snowmass is my favorite! It has something for everyone. The new skier to the backwoods crazies! Aspen mountain may be talked about the most, but Snowmass is where it’s at!27D049F8-7F98-4A09-8EDF-FC78CC9061D3.jpeg
  2. The Beautiful Quiet – I have never known such a quiet existed until I moved to the mountains 2 years ago. There is something about walking your puppy on a trail or jogging by a river that provides such a beautiful quiet. It helps quiet my mind, think positive thoughts, and enjoy many peaceful moments. Believe me, we all need them.F2FD3FFB-7A50-4486-970A-9B3734EB4533.jpeg
  3. The Unreal Places – I cannot wait to fill my blog up with more stories and photos of the places I have seen and get to see every day. I live in the tiny town of Basalt which sits between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. I am surrounded by mountains daily and my drive to work provides an unreal view of Sopris Mt. I have been to Telluride, Steamboat, Crested Butte, Breckinridge, and many other beautiful places. The views are unreal, towns are so cute, and the photos I get to take are breathtaking.234FCDF0-9953-4608-8B05-BF95A70139C8.jpeg
Mountain living isn’t too shabby…
So, what unreal places have you visited? Or better yet, where should I venture off to next??
Thanks for reading!

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