Why Snowmass Will Be Your Next Destination

2EB9A2F1-7383-46F9-87ED-A6AA4DA3A9B4.jpegThere is so much talk of Aspen. It’s beauty, skiing, and glamour. Don’t get me wrong, Aspen is awesome. However, it doesn’t have the laid-back feel of Snowmass.
Snowmass is my weekly skiing spot. My husband & I pack the truck up and spend every Saturday at Snowmass. Sometimes it’s just us two, but most of the time we meet up with co-workers and friends. It’s our watering hole.
So, why am I writing this week’s blog about Snowmass? Here are 3 reasons why Snowmass will be your next destination:
  1.  The Skiing – Snowmass has way more options for any type of skier. In my opinion, it’s a great place to start skiing if you haven’t before. You can enjoy “Lunchline” all day long and still have a blast! If you’re a heavy blue skier like me, there are too many options to count. My favorite side of the mountain is Elk Camp! You get an amazing view of the Maroon Bells at the top and there’s even a mountain coaster for the fun of it. Let’s say you’re a pro or just love the backwoods skiing…Snowmass is still the place for you. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has disappeared for hours because he was out doing some crazy runs. You won’t be disappointed with the skiing at Snowmass.
  2. The Food – To be honest, Snowmass has some great food options. I love food, so any place that can provide me with a variety of eating options is my favorite. One of my personal favorites is, Venga Venga. As a Texas girl, I need a place to get a good margarita and tacos. Venga Venga provides me with that! Share a pitcher with your friends on the awesome patio while “people watching” skiers come down the mountain. There is also a delicious BBQ place called Slow Groovin BBQ where the original restaurant is actually located in Marble, CO. I personally can’t go there without one of their delicious old-fashioneds. But the place to go for a good beer and a light lunch before hitting the slopes again is New Belgium Ranger Station. New Belgium is a brewery that’s stationed in Fort Collins, CO so it’s pretty damn good. I tend to drink a Fat Tire and eat their delicious tomato soup and grilled cheese. Those are just 3 of my faves!
  3. The Laid-back Feel – If you want a nice cheese tray and drink some tasty champagne, then Aspen is perfect for you. Hey, I like to treat myself here and there! But Snowmass will be good for families or a laid-back friends trip. There is something for everyone. You want to ski all day and take a nap by 4:30 so you can catch dinner with your friends by 6:00? Snowmass is the place for you. You want to ski until noon, grab some margs, and be back in your hotel by 3:00 for some “you time”? Snowmass is the place for you. Do you and your friends want to ski and drink all day and see where the night takes you? Come to Snowmass. And let’s say you don’t want to ski at all, there is shopping, spas, and fun bars to grab a drink (or two) at. Snowmass has a more laid-back and relaxed feel the you may think.
There are plenty of other reasons why I go to Snowmass on a weekly basis, but those are my top 3! Snowmass tends to go hand in hand with Aspen, but Snowmass is its own mountain. It lies just 10 minutes outside of Aspen and has a beautiful drive to go with it. Plus, they are adding a whole new area around the brand new Limelight Hotel. There’s ice skating, crepes, and more food choices than ever.
Make Snowmass your next destination and tell me what you think. Are there any spots you suggest that I missed?
As always, thanks for reading!

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