Mama, I Wanna Be Like You

I don’t care that I’m 26 and love my mama more than anything. I will shout it from the mountains that, “MY MOM IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!!”. I will brag a little, my mom is the best. There is no one else like her, I promise. If you know Colleen, I’m sure you’re already nodding your head and smiling as you’re reading this.

Now, why should you be reading some girl’s blog post bragging about her awesome mom? Because I can bet that the amazing woman I’m about to describe will make you think of someone important in your life. If you’re as lucky as me, then you will get to think of you Mama while you’re reading this and Mother’s Day weekend is a happy time. You will post a pretty picture of you and your Mama on social media and get a lot of likes. But, I know for some, this weekend isn’t that easy.

Let’s just say, this Father’s Day will be a tough one this year for me..

My Mama is the best for a thousand reasons, but here are just a few that makes me wanna be just like her:

1. My Mama is Tough

Not only does she underestimate herself sometimes, but people underestimate her all the time. She can throw a good punch at any challenge that comes her way. She works harder than anyone I know. She owned her own apparel company for years and traveled solo to places like NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago. She’s worked hard all my life to give my brother & I a fun life growing up. She’s tough and it works for her. She’s not afraid to go after what she wants and you know what? She gets it!

2. My Mama is my Best Friend.

Even when I was younger and would pretend to not like my Mama, I loved her. She and I have always been besties. She would tell me things I didn’t think I’d wanna hear, but she was always right. She supported my choice even when it was the wrong one (and she knew it). She’s the reason, I learned that I deserve to be treated better by guys and to never settle for anything less than how my dad treats her. We love to drink champagne together and “fight” girls at bars the night before my wedding. We laugh at almost anything the other one says. We are totally obsessed with “The Bachelor” and aren’t ashamed to show it. She is the best friend I not only got in life, but the best friend I will always choose.

3. My Mama is Funny as Hell.

The night my mama pulled out a shiny, turquoise pillow from a fancy restaurant in Dallas on NYE, is just one of the many moments my Mama had me laughing my ass off. She’s told off more bar bouncers and drunk snooty girls than me and each time, had been funnier than the last. I am sure some of you are already chuckling thinking of something hilarious Colleen has done with or around you. She’s a funny chick. Now, I will be honest, in high school I really didn’t think she was that funny (sorry Mama). But when we went to college together….

I didn’t mess up typing. I will openly admit that when I went to college, my Mama was right there too. No, this isn’t that movie “Life of the Party” with Melissa McCarthy, but we had a lot of fun during my college years. When she’d come in town, we would hit up the college bars and she had no problem keeping up. She may have broken 1 or 2 phones and may have drank one too many here and there, but who didn’t in college?!

Man, she became one of the funniest people to me in college. The stories I could tell you will have you on the floor. Mama, you funny!

I will stop here because I could seriously write an entire novel about my Mama. She is a rockstar, a superhero, a comedian, a tough cookie, an awesome mom, and my best friend.

Share and comment with your best story about you Mama or a reaso why she is the best mom.

Love you Mama. XOXO

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