A Day in the Life of a Mountain Girl

So here I am, some girl from Texas blogging about my life in the mountains. Do you want to know the truth? I actually take it for granted. I am so used to walking outside with it smelling and sounding like the great outdoors. I get so used to seeing mountains around me that sometimes they don’t even exist anymore.

I am currently typing on my laptop with birds chirping, rain clouds rolling in over the mountains, and my puppy laying by my feet on the front porch and I am realizing how freakin cool this is. And I’m not even making it up! I still see remnants of snow on the peaks around me, though flowers are blooming right in my front yard.

I am also sipping my new beverage obsession, Waterloo Sparking Water. Remember my post about living a healthy lifestyle? Well, here we go!

My every day life really revolves around my career as a teacher, but we won’t get into that. The school year is winding down and teachers are gearing up for summer!

I currently live in the small town of Basalt, Colorado. It is tucked between Aspen and Carbondale. My husband & I found a cute townhouse across from the Roaring Fork river about 2 years ago. It has a picket fence, Aspen trees, and has a bike path not 2 minutes away. Though I don’t bike, I use this path for my weekly jogs and walks with my pup. The path is one long stretch from Glenwood Springs all the way into the town of Aspen. Basalt does have a small “downtown” which has about 3 bars, 3 restaurants, and a cafe. It looks like a mountain town out of a Hallmark movie. A river literally runs through this entire valley and it’s normal to see men fly-fishing at any time. Fly-fishing is just one of the many hobbies you can have up here in the mountain life.

I drive about 20 minutes to get to my job and on the way I see herds of elk and horses, the river that winds through the valley, and mountains literally surround me. Some days I get too caught up to really look around and appreciate where I live. But every once in a while, I will drive a little slower and be in awe of it all.

My husband & I make it fun up here. We love nights out in Aspen, though it isn’t cheap. We love waking up early on a Saturday and skiing all day. We love getting home from work, grabbing the camera, and going on a drive. Mountain life is constantly an adventure, but it’s because we make it one.

The other weekend we took a trip to Moab, Utah with my in-laws. It’s only a 3 hour drive from us! I hiked through some caverns and got to see Arches National Park again!


Summers in the mountains are as unreal as the photos of winter. People are outside all the time. The temperatures rarely hit 90 degrees. You can choose to raft, bike, hike, swim, camp, or whatever. I plan to enjoy every minute of my summer this year. I cannot wait to share my adventures!

What is a day like where you live? Share in a message or comment below.

Live Adventurously Y’all!




Photo Credit: @dakotamo_photography

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